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So here I am sat in the hotel room with nothing to do, the net access is not fast enough to stream TV I am waiting for the iplayer to download something good.  My mind turns to works past and present, being bored I found my self comparing hosting packages fro various different hosting companies in the UK.  It is interesting to see how such a simple idea has been implemented in in such different and diverse ways, the first time I remember seeing application installers for many different open source applications was in cPanel, clunky old version of the applications but I think they were the first.  Since then we have seen the hosting industry embrace this concept to a greater or lesser extent.

If we look at just the main UK hosting companies that offer real 1-click installers you get quite a small list of the companies I know best

* 123-reg.co.uk Names.co.uk webfusion.co.uk
# Applications 19 100 + 19
First Package with apps Plus Starter Professional
Cost per year £59.88 £47.88 £107.40

Save £60 a year, host with names.co.uk

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