A budget hotel that does not suck, is that possible?

I am not the biggest fan of budget or cheap hotels, I like my home comforts.  This could be because I spent several months living in a travel lodge a few years ago, or because when growing up I was taken to some fantastic hotels when travelling with my parents, who can say.  Well I am reconsidering now.  Yes the room is basic, but at least it has AC, it is not a shoebox and there are more than enough plugs for me to plug in all my gadgets.  On the down side there is a terrible selection of free TV channels and the tea making facilities are limited, also their wi-fi sucks big time it is almost like being back on ISDN but without the constant connection speed.  On the important matter of food, the menu is limited but then I was not expecting much, ordered the steak expecting the worst.  My expectation was low due to past experiences, a slice of something grey that has been cooked to within an inch of it’s life and may or may not have been near a cow.  First surprise was that I was asked how I wanted it, of course I answered “rare”.  Second surprise, when it arrived it was a good juicy steak, this chain don’t seem to use the excuse of “Oh that’s the pre-cooked weight”, I cut in and it is perfectly cooked just the way I do it, basically just show to the grill.

The name of this mythical budget hotel “Holiday Inn Express, Droitwich“.  People only ever tend to complain about hotels and services on their blogs and on twitter, when I see somthing good I like to let people know.  So to all the staff at the Holiday Inn Droitwich well done and keep up the good work.

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