A New Year, a new hope

Well another new year has begun, and this year I made 2 new years resolutions, first I will try and add more to my blog, who know I may even keep this one. The second is that I will not make silly new years resolutions that I will never keep.

Whats happening in the world of me at the moment then, well my work is keeping me very busy, still writing loads of support documentation that no one ever reads. I will be trying to update the main blueadmiral.com website when I have some time, and I will try and get out and about with my camera. Since the php update on 1&1 some time ago my old coppermine gallery is no longer fully functional, so I have decided to use Flickr, you can see my photos at this link : http://www.flickr.com/photos/10221816@N05/

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