A very british Earthquke

Today I experienced my very first earthquake! I live around 30 miles NW of London in the foothills of the Chiltens a very green and pleasant arear. Nothing ever happens, no extreme weather or anything.

So there I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep listening to an audio book (The 5th Elephant), just drifting off and then there is a slight rumble and it feels like I train is going past my apartment, this goes on for around 10 seconds. Not thinking anything about it for another 5 seconds, them the leak sensor on my water heater goes off (loose cable I will cover that some time soon). So anyway I get up to go and reset it, knowing that I will not be able to get back I make my self a cupa and turn on News 24 there is something uninteresting that they are reporting on and I just sit there drinking my tea and emailing a fiend in the state. I hear the word earthquake and England so thats it pretty boring but my first quake. From what I hear it was around 5.1 on the rikta scale, a scale that only the media use!

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