Adding Google checkout to your Namesco Ecommerce

This applies if you have the following Ecommerce solutions from Namesco

Professional, Premium, Platinum

Once you have logged into your ecommerce package from the Namesco control panel you will need to add the Google check out, to do this move your mouse over to the “Settings” tab, then choose “Delivery and payment” from the menu.

Google checkout is not one of the options that you will see in the list initially, to add this option scroll down to the bottom of the list and type in the box what you would like to call this payment method, I have simply called it Google Checkout.

Click on the Dropdown box (yes I know it actually drops up but what can you do), choose Google checkout from the options in the list, then click on the save button.

You will see that this has been added to the list but that it is grey and has the “Complete it” altert next to it

Click on the “Complete it” icon and you will be given all the setting that you need to enter, google will have provided these for you when you signed up with them.  If you do not have them please contact their support team.

Enter your:

  1. Google merchant id
  2. Google merchant key
  3. Set your Operational mode to “test”
  4. Click the Save button

Make sure the payment option is visible and test it out.

NB: Remember to chnage the “Operational mode” to live before you let the customers use it.

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