Another Weekend bites the dust!

Another weekend, the long drive back to Dorset, this time no mechanical problems, just had to combat mother nature. The worst rain I have seen for ages, not so much rain as a monsoon. They closed the Motorway (M3) at the Bagshot, so I had to fiight my way down the old A30, small problem I drive a car, this road was more suited to a boat.  No pictures of this as it was a much as I could do to see the car in front.  Any how, 5 hours later I made it down to Dorset and proved that my cars roof is still water tight.
Saturday & Sunday I was helping my Farther to wire up this house for Lan, TV, DAB and Satellite, this involved sculling around in the loft covered in Glass fiber and feeding cables through tubes.  See the pictures below;

Cable Running SolutionThe Walls don't quite reach the joistsPart of the main Cable run

For those Cable Geeks amongst you here is the cable we were using.

Cable Drum

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