Badger rescued from Porth Beach in RNLI operation

A badger was rescued by a RNLI crew when it became stranded on rocks at a Cornish beach.

The Newquay RNLI lifeboat team was alerted to the incident on Porth Beach at about 0940 BST by the RSPCA.

The RSPCA and RNLI used a cage and collaring pole to catch the badger before transporting it ashore.

It is thought the badger had become stranded on the rocks after being caught out by the rising tide. The badger was not injured.

Helmsman Joe Emmett said: “We’ve rescued dogs before, also the odd dead cow or sheep that were shipping hazards, never a badger.

“The badger wasn’t very happy, and didn’t seem to be a fan of the RNLI nor appreciate our services.

“Once the RSCPA had him in the cage, he settled down and was as quiet as a lamb.”

Seen on the BBC website Link

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