Bank Holidays England & Wales

Bank Holidays in England & Wales

2010 2011 2012
New Year’s Day 01-Jan-10 01-Jan-11 01-Jan-12
Good Friday 02-Apr-10 22-Apr-11 06-Apr-12
Easter Monday 05-Apr-10 25-Apr-11 09-Apr-12
May Day or Early May Bank Holiday 03-May-10 02-May-11 07-May-12
Spring Bank Holiday 31-May-10 30-May-11 04-Jun-12
Summer Bank Holiday 30-Aug-10 29-Aug-11 27-Aug-12
Christmas Day Bank Holiday 27 Dec 2010 26-Dec-11 25-Dec-12
Boxing Day 28 Dec 2010 27-Dec-11 26-Dec-12

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