Getting your Online Shop ready for Christmas : Part 1

This year has been rotten for business in general what with the disappointing summer, the 2012 Games and the general economy a lot of businesses are finding that their takings are down, Christmas is a great time for them to make up on those lost sales, in this short series of blog articles I will give your some tips and advice on how to increase the number converting from browsers to buyers.

Festive Makeover

Give your site a bit of a makeover, think of it as putting up the Christmas decorations at home, in general a lot of ecommerce and normal websites can be a bit on the dull or plain side, giving your site a festive feel can make them a little more fun.  Simple changes such as switching to a festive colour scheme on your Homepage and Landing pages, (common festive colours scheme make use of Gold & Silver, Red & Green etc).

Seasonal Marketing Promo’s

Now I know this sounds a little simple and obvious, but this is a great way to sway an undecided customer who may be looking at multiple stores deciding where and what to buy.  Part of this can be special bundles where you may be able to move some of your slower moving stock with some of the faster, but make them bundles work.  Consider daily specials to get customers returning to your store or site daily, engage with them making full use of Facebook and other social media outlets.

Free Delivery

It’s an expensive time of year for your customers, and to quote a certain supermarket “every little helps”, if you do not already offer free delivery or shipping where you can offer it during the lead up to Christmas, and make sure you let them know about it before they even get to the basket.

Christmas Free Zone

Not everyone celebrates Christmas or feels the Christmas spirit, so consider a non Christmas section with special offers on your products, these could be the same offers on your products as the festive ones, but without all the bells and whistles.

Mobile /Tablet friendly

mCommerce as is know will be at it’s highest level ever this Christmas so make sure that your site/store is easy to use and fully compatible with the latest mobile devices.  This is especially important with your eshop, if someone is out and about shopping they may well see something in a shop but search the net to get it for cheaper.

Continued in Part 2

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