Blue Monday

Ok, well it is here again. The most depressing day of the year. Like the sound of an elephant dedicating the bill plop through the letter box, the weather is dull and miserable, and there is less light than the glove box of an Austin Allegro. To top all of this off my normal 30 minute commute took me almost 2 hours thanks to some idiot on the M40 panging his or her car.

Almost 4 hours into the work day, and not even the thought of being almost half way through cheers me up, so I think I will take the rest of the day off, go home and curl up in bed with a good book, something summery and pray for spring to arrive.

Of course what will probably happen is that when I get home I will turn on my computer and do some more work, I am kinda sad that way, but then it has to be done.

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