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I knew when I went with BT not to expect to much in the level of customer service, but I did not expect the sheer level of rank incompetence that I have experienced over the past month. This is complete and utter RANT, while I will try and keep it civil I promise nothing.

First a little time line.

16th Jan 2012 – I move into my new home on my Birthday (not the best day to do but what the hey)
20th Jan 2012 – A BT engineer comes out to fit my new phone line, all done great job, friendly chap
23rd Jan 2012 – Original appointment for BT OpenReach to come and fit my Infinity, I have to travel on business and cancel, rescheduling for 30th Jan. Guess what. They turn up and put a card through my door.
30th Jan 2012 – I take an afternoon off work to wait for the BT OpenReach engineer to come and fit the Infinity. I wait and wait and wait you get the picture, no call nothing not a dicki bird. Calling up the number I get transferred to their Indian call centre where they are very apologetic, keep me on hold for around 45 minutes but essentially can’t do anything that is not in their scripts.
31st Jan 2012 – Livid I spend around over 37 minutes just waiting to speak to a human, I vent my spleen at the poor operator that tries to arrange for a new visit, coming back with an install date of the 28th Feb 2012. Obviously not acceptable, and I get them down to the 7th Feb in the end.
7th Feb 2012 – BT engineer turns up to fit a new phone line, not Inifinity, not even dam 21CN

I am now waiting for a call from their Complaints team to see what they are going to do, however I am still stuck with no net other than a 3 mobile stick with just 17mb of data left on it.

I hate to say this but if your thinking of getting Infinity or Fibre to the cab, don’t use BT.

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