Camera SitRep

Ok so as a few of you know my camera had a little accident last Friday, well as it stands it’s an insurance job, the lenses while optically fine is fried, well it was hanging off the camera after the accident.  The LCD is shot and almost oozing LCD juice.  All this happened because the head on my Tripod did not lock properly, so looks like a new camera for me, thank goodness for insurance.

All this being said I took it out over the last weekend and was able to get a few nice shots.  I was quite like old times, having to focus manually, and waiting till I get home to see the results.

Luckily I had another lenses I could use, but no filters, with the light the way it was I had a lot of bad shots, just a couple of nice ones.

First time I have been close enough to get a Kestrel in flight, this one is good, but I think the next is my favourite.

For more information about Kestrels, please see the RSPB website, more kites coming soon!

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