Cloud Servers Pah! We want VPS

Lets put everything in the cloud right?  Well yes, but then we have been using the cloud since the internet became widely available.  The “Cloud” is really just a marketing term for “other peoples computers”.  Some people know I have a tendency to be a little cynical, but really this big change is the way it is billed.  Everything is essentially as a service  or billed by the minute/hour.

This is great right, I am only paying £0.062 an hour that’s a really low number, what a great rate…… until you realise that works out to around £45 per month.  Yeah you can cancel that box at any time you want or simply spin it up for a short while when testing, but for long term that works out kinda on the expensive side.

I have been a fan of VPS’s and the concept behind them for many years, back at Webfusion I helped change the face of the UK Virtual market with my new ranges of VPS, increasing they resources and dropping oversell on the nodes to bring up the QOS.  Anyway VPS was essentially the ancestor of Cloud Servers, yes they had their issues no tech is perfect, and there were as with cloud servers many vendor options all of which wanted you to believe they were the best.

So how are these 20 year old technologies still relevant, well as they stood they are old fashioned, clunky and not that flexible.  If you know me then you may be thinking that I am not a fan of the cloud, well in some ways that is true, but the new technologies are fantastic, allowing for great flexibility, reliability and ease of use however getting that across to many is not easy.  VPS on the other hand is easy, people know what they are getting a Virtual Private Server,

Now the new VPS from gets over all that Cloud washing from marketing types and gives you what you really want, a VPS, the technology, speed and flexibility of Cloud Server, but without all the nasty surprises you tend to get from Cloud products.



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