Cross-selling – Accessories on your eShop

This is a quick flash file that will show you how you can cross sell items in your eshop making easy use of the tray system.  Click here to watch the movie.

Page: Products >> [product] >> Cross-selling >> Accessories

Accessories are products that extend or improve the functionality of the basic product or are necessary to use the product (fuel, batteries, and so on).
The table lists all the accessories for the current product. The content of the Comment column is displayed in the shop as an explanation. Enter a note or description here explaining why or how this product enhances the current product. A comment field is offered for every language in your shop.
You can set the sequence using the sorting key in the last column of the table. For more details, see Sorting using key, above.
To add a product, either enter the product number directly or insert a product from the tray.
The Create reciprocal assignments check box allows you to configure whether the assignment of a new cross-selling product should be made reciprocally.
The following example demonstrates the procedure in more detail: Product A is the first product. Product B is to be assigned to Product A as a cross-selling product.  If reciprocal assignment is activated, product A will also be assigned to product B as a cross-selling product of the same type at the same time. Reciprocal assignments affect direct entries as well as items imported from the tray.
Save your entries by clicking Save.
To remove an assignment, select the relevant products and click Remove assignment.

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