Good & Bad Customer Service

I dont normally rant about this kinda thing, but this has pissed me off.  I ordered my new camera today to get it for Saturday.  A nice weekend planned out and about getting used to the new kit.  So any way I ordered today before lunch time on Firday, paid the extra for Weekend delivery.

Any hoo there was a problem with the payment so they called and left a message on  my answerphone, with a number to call, they left this message at 16:15.

I got home around 17:00, listened to the message and called right back.  The automated message I got was that their phone lines closed at 16:00 on a Friday!  So how was I ment to call them back in the first place.

To make this even worse I called them around 14:00 to check that everything was ok with the order and was told that it was all fine.

So I am affraid you messed up this time.

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