HFW’s Top BBQ tips

Golden rule #1: Don’t cook over flame; cook over embers. Resist the impulse to start cooking while your fire is still producing flames. Wait until you have a nice pile of glowing coals.

Golden rule #2: This relates to meat’s fat problem – basically, remove the fat and you remove the problem. I’m a big fan of fat, the harbinger of succulence and flavour. But its presence is to be regarded with caution on the barbecue. If you’re not careful, the damage done outweighs the benefits.

Golden rule #3: Be generous with the fuel medium (i.e. wood as well as charcoal). The no-flames rule means that you should not start refuelling beneath food that is already cooking. Begin by burning a generous amount of charcoal or wood that will settle to a thick pile of glowing embers and sustain the cooking temperature for a good hour or so.

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