It’s raining Jo’s

A very dear friend of mine is doing a sponsered parachute jump, now you might think yeah thats brave, but now when I tell you she is completly blind think again.  This is the second time she is doing and I yes I think she is mad, but then again she always was.

It is a tandom jump, now I know what you are thinking is the second crazy person the dog….. I doubt it but will check 🙂

I have know Jo since we were at secondary school and were been good friends, after we went our separte ways we lost touch, but now thanks the magic that is the internet have hooked up.


Sponser the crazy woman now!

Guide Dogs Guide Dogs
The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association provides guide dogs and other mobility services to blind and partially sighted people. The charity also campaigns and educates people on caring for their eyes.
Charity Registration No in England and Wales 209617 and Scotland SC038979

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