New Lodgers in the house

So a few days ago I herd some noises up in the loft and though the Squires had managed to chew through my defenses and make their home up there again, while I do not mind the wildlife coming into my house I kinda draw the line at squirrels as they do like to chew on power cables and generally mess up the place.  To my joy I have a new nest up there.



At first glance I thought BlackBird, the light up in the loft is not that great, went back downstairs and got my camera.  Spent 15 minutes trying to find a battery that was not dead and headed back up stairs, above is the first shot I got, just a single bird and the unmistakable shape of the wings told me I had at least 1 swift.  Below are a few more shots taken a couple of days later.  I will venture up every couple of days, but do not want to cause too must disturbance to them.

IMG_2612 IMG_2627 IMG_2628 IMG_2630

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