Night Drive

So I am still getting used to the new car, and with a nice long weekend ahead of me I have headed down to the folks place in Dorset, the weather forecast looked shocking for Thursday evening so I decided to give it a few hours before leaving after work. Watched 3 men lie shamelessly on the “big” political debate on BBC1, all the time an eye on the weather, well 10 came and went, no real rain decided to chance it and leave. Give the car a work out and see what kind of mile to the gallon I could get. After a weeks commuting it was not looking to good to begin with.

Leaving about 10 in the evening normally results in a very nice peaceful drive, the worst of the traffic has died and once you get off the main roads you have them all to your self.  Now what I tend to do when I drive down is keep a count of the wildlife I miss, this all came about when I was travelling from Bridport to Slough on a regular basis, normally in the wee small hours.  I clocked up quite a road kill count during that time, no matter how hard I tried not to.

Apart from the bugs that did not get out of the way a very karmic journey.  A long night drive is an excellent way to de-stress and wind down after a hard stressful week, I can recommend it.  Well I took it easy, only seeing a couple of other cars once I left the motorway, over all it took around 4 hours to get down with me arriving just after 2 am.  The MPG well it was better but I still am not used to the new car.

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