Not Smoking 6 Months on

1354040042_11Around  6 and half months ago I bought one of those disposable 10 Motives electronic cigarettes as my normal dealer of tobacco was out of stock for my normal blend and I just could not face a pack of Marlborough’s or Silk Cuts.  I was impressed, OK it tasted a bit chemical, but I did not smoke any cigarettes that weekend, un herd of for me unless very unwell.  So I decided to check out some of the other options since as a smoker I was a social outcast, and came across a small firm called Vapouriz who had a special deal on one of their refillable systems.

So 6 Months ago to the day I bought one of these electronic Kits, since then I have not smoked a single tobacco, cigarette.

I’m not going to say I have not been tempted, because I have, especially at parties or other social events. It does have certain advantages.

Mainly that I no longer smell like an ash tray, if you pick the right flavour e-liquid to fill it with it tastes nice (I especially like the fruit ones, Cherry to be precise) .

One of the small batteries will last the day at work, however the next size up will last the hole day, and yes I have been know to use it at my desk, the USB charger is a great feature, however the thread on the batteries tends seems to be a much softer metal than the charger so I have stripped a few of those much to my annoyance.

To find out more about them please see Vapouriz Electronic Cigarettes

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