patience a virtue?

Well with having resigned from my job I am going to have a bit of time on my hands so I decided to buy my self a new lens for my camera.  At the moment for most of my nature photography I tend to use a old Sigma 100 – 500 mm lens, however it has a rather slow auto focus, no where near as good as the new ones, any way I decided to treat my self to on of the Canon L series lenses.  The 100 – 400 mm lens although slightly smaller is considered by many to be one of the best telephoto lenses out there,  of course I did the normal thing checked ebay nothing there that was not close to the retail price so checked suppliers, in then end ordering from

In the end I ordered on from on the  1st of June, now it is the 10th and still no sign of the lens, they have been very nice on the phone, but I really want my new lens.

Now of course this will be delivered and will  signing for so I arranged to have it sent to my office, which of course I will now no longer be at, so come on get my new lens to me.

Lens spec

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