Petrol Prices

Ok normally I just go to the petrol station and fill, up not normally looking at the price, afterall if I want to be able to get to work I need to fill my car. When did it get so high!  Filling up this morning I paid £1.089 per litre.  Thats £5.93 a gallon (for you yanks out that $9.70174 USD).

Now I drive a fairly flue efficient car, getting between 40 & 42 mpg, but the price of fuel ig getting past a joke, it is blatant profiteering by the pertol companies and yet more tax on the motorists.

If you look at the image here you can see the break down of the fule costs assuming a price of £1.03 per litre, that duty is about to rise by another £0.02 again soon.

If you look at the price of oil it is much lower than back in September last year, but why have the price at the petrol stations fallen?

Break down of flue costs
Oil Prices

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