Pipex Broadband

I have been with Pipex Broadband for over 2 years now, up until now I have been relativley happy.  For an ISP they tend to be relativley reliable, giving reasnoble connection speeds, however there is a problem!  If you have any technical problems they suck!

Firstly they have changed their support number, fine you may think, but it has gone from a local rate 0845 to a premium rate 0871 (That’s 10p a minute folks).  Secondly, they take ages to answer the phone.  The you get through to a call centre in god knows where, that is you have not got whats on their script they can not help you.

So anyway I get through, go through all the basics, who knows I have had the same connection for 2 years an not changed anything, I may have missed something.   This takes 20 Minutes.  Eventually the call centre monkey determins that even though I can see the up & down stream connection it must be a problem with my router.

Ok my Old Netgear is 2 years old, so it could well be.  I pop over to a well know Electrical Suppier (lets just say one of them smashed into Jupiter a few years ago) and buy a new one.

Belkin N1 Vision

I set it all up, just in case I install all new filters and even treat my self to new cables.

Still the same problem.  I am rather anoyed now, so call back, having to go through the hole rigmarol again of holding then all the basics.  Only to be told that they will have to get their 2nd line to investigate.  Heres the real joke “they will get back to you in around 48 hours.”

I pay around £20 pm for less than 8mb speed, I would like some service.

Pipex your not the company you used to be!

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