Printing without printing

I am sure you have all experienced this, but I need to vent my frustration!  You know what it is like you need to print a document urgently and the only printer in the office you can get to work someone has just sent a massive print run to it, so you end up waiting for ages and ages.  Eventually you give up and go off for a meeting or lunch, to come back for it later.

Well I did that, a 2 hour meeting, come back to the printer.  Finding the print tray empty I check around, no sign of the printing, the i notice that the paper tray is empty.  So putting more paper in, I find that they are only half way thourgh their print run and I have to wait even longer for my 2 pages of printing.

Well I was anoyed found the person who had been printing the pages and they end up saying “Thanks but I photocopied it in the end!”

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