Setting up PapPal as a Payment Method

NB. Your account will need to be a Business or Premier account to use this payment methods, if you have a personal account this can be upgraded for free from within your PayPal admin panel, for help on making this change please contact paypal.

For this you will need to have:

  1. A Paypal Account
    1. API Username
    2. API Password
    3. API Signature
  2. A Namesco “Ecommerce Pro Pack or higher”

Setting up your PayPal payment method

Once you have logged into your ecommerce package from the Namesco control panel you will need to add the Google check out, to do this move your mouse over to the “Settings” tab, then choose “Delivery and payment” from the menu.

Locate PayPal in the list of payment methods and click on it

Click on the Settings Tab

If you do not have your PayPal API deatils here’s how to get them.

Getting your PayPal API Username, Password & Signature

Login to your PayPal account, from the My Account section, click on your Profile link

Your Profile screen will be displayed, from the My Profile menu, choose “My selling preferences”

Locate API Access and click on the “Update” link

Choose Option 2 and click on the “Request API credentials” link

The option “Request API signature” should be preselected if not selected it and click the “Agree and Submit button”.

You now have your API Username, password and signature.

Copy and paste them into the correct options in the paypal payment method in your ecommerce package.

Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen, then click the “Test Connection” button at the bottom of the page to ensure that everything is working,.

Don’t forget to set the payment method to Visible for it to appear in your ecommerce shop.

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