So why Slough

I have been traveling to Slough now for 8 years, 3 for Uni and 5 for work, but only now have I had to sleep there. Back in October 2005 I bought an apartment in High Wycombe, being told that it “will be ready Early Summer 2006″. Well here we are November 2006 and I am still not in. I don’t want to turn this into a full on rant, but the Builders who will remain nameless have been woefulely incompetent, even though they will have made extra money out of penalty clauses refuse to pay out compensation.
In John Betjeman’s 1937 poem he says ” Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough! It isn’t fit for humans now.” Recently Slough was voted the least tranquil place to live. Times Online Oct 23 2006

Thankfully I can escape to the Country during the weekends even though it takes on average 4 hours to get down to Dorset. So Monday to Thursday I live in the Travelodge Slough, this has one advantage, it is right next door to my office.Travelodge Slough

To finish off this entry and rant I can just hope that I can move into my new apartment soon!

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