Some Photos from the weekend

West Bay

So I arrived down in Dorset around 1am on Saturday morning.  Seeing that I had already had a couple of red bulls I was not that tired so headed down to WestBay to see if there was any sea running.  Sadly there not, but I did get some nice shots of the railings along the sea front.  I love the contrast between the dark and light, also the glow that you get from the old sodium street lights.

Sea gull taking off on the fleet

The next day after doing a few things in and around Bridport I decided to go out and about with my cameras and take a few photos, I also took my mother along, giving her my old 40D to have a go with.  Not sure where to head off to so drove East, ending up along the fleet then moving onto Portland.

Sea Gull in flight

Not too much to say about this one, just a gull that I have played with in the Photo Pro software that came with the camera.

Of course the obligatory shot of the  lighthouse, don’t know why but I seem to be on a bit of a black and white kick at the moment.  Still I think they look rather nice.  Later when I get a chance I will try some of these in the photoshop and see what I can do with them.

Leap of Faith

Don’t know of these guys were tomb stoning or just having fun, I do know they were jumping off into the deep water around Portland Bill.  Rather them than me!

See the rest of my photos from Saturday.

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