Some shots from the DC

Sorry about the quality, but the iPhone is not noted for it’s camera (come on you 920 I’m waiting for you).  This is a couple of shots of the first CS5 servers that we launched at PoundHost, This is what Dell servers look like when their specifically designed for the data centre environment, no pretty bezels or mouldings.

The servers you can see here are the Dell PowerEdge C5000 3U chassis with 8 PowerEdge C5220 servers in them, the space savings on them is fantastic, while this is only a bank of 3 x 40U racks there are over 200 servers in them.

For more information about the PoundHost CS5 visit their website or give them a call on 01682 777730

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Here is a somewhat older photo that shows one of the C5220 servers, this one is in fact one of the old spec systems that is configured for 2 x 3.5 inch hard drives, all the new ones support 4 2.5 inch drives and run like a dream with SSD’s in them.

 Over the past month I have been able to add more options to these servers, meaning you can now have a low power 4 drive system for less than £99 pm.  If you give the sales guys a call they may even be able to 7073529697_998b50e636_b1 get you a discount on that.

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