Summer is here at last!

SUMMER is here as staff at Abbotsbury Swannery celebrate the latest addition to their flock – the first cygnet to hatch.

According to Benedictine Monk legend the hatching of the first baby swan marks the first day of summer and now staff are preparing themselves for the hundreds of cygnets which are set to follow suit and hatch over the next six weeks.

Between now and the end of June people visiting the Swannery will be able to walk among about 150 swan nests, which each contain an average of six eggs.

And some lucky visitors will be able to take pictures of cygnets hatching from their eggs.

General manager of Abbotsbury Tourism John Houston said: “The sun was shining when the first cygnet hatched on Sunday so the timing was perfect.

“Staff have records of when every egg is laid and by which swan so they know when they are due to hatch after the six-week incubation period.

“We were hoping the first cygnet would hatch on Friday or Saturday but it waited until the sun was out on Sunday.

“Everyone always looks forward to the first cygnet hatching and it is great as it feels like summer is really here.”

The Abbotsbury Swannery is open to the public seven days a week from 10am to 6pm.

Article  from Bridport News

Photo by Me

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