Warmest Weekend of the year……so far!

Well the weekend just gone was apparently the warmest so far this year, with temperatures out doing the med and parts of Spain and I have to say “about time too”.  It was a nasty, cold, dull and long winter this year and a bit of sun is most welcomed.

Having bought my self a season ticket to Abbotsbury I am taking full advantage of it, last week when I visited there were only 2 cygnets hatched, now there are many, all cute and fluffy.


I have found that in the past when I drove down to Dorset for the weekend I would tend to leave late in the evening, get a nice long clear run, but this leaves me a little tired the next day, now I tend to leave straight for work and although I sit on the M25 for over and hour to do around 5 miles, once I get past that snarl up it is fairly easy, and now of course with the shinny new car and an automatic gearbox I am not so worried about traffic.

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