What happens after a few days of warmth

As some of you will know I live by a river, now while this a lovely in the summer, sitting down there with my WiFi at it’s absolute maximum range, toes dangling in the water there are some draw backs.

After just 2 days of warmth the flies and midges have hatched and become an almost instant annoyance, luckily I noticed them when I got home from work.

The problem is when you open a car door, if your not very careful you sucka dozzen or so of them in.  While that fine over night, in the morning while I’m bombing (not exceeding the speed limit PC Plod)  down the motorway there is always one that decides to fly around distracting you.  Then when you finally catch the little sod between you hand and the windscreen there is a fly sized blotch right in your ine of site.

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