WordCamp Bristol 2019

So last weekend I attended my first WordCamp, most of my sporadic readers know I have had a blog for a long time, but updates can vary from “every so often” to “Is he still alive?”  I have been using wordpress on and off since it first became popular, initially to support it as it was the good old days when I was still sort of in Technical Support for 1&1 UK and found that I liked it, even if you did have to set it up from a Linux command line after having to google the how the hell to untarball the file, but I digress.  WordPress has come a long long way and I have been happy to see it become more accessible to all, with it now powering may of the Internets sites.

It was great to connect and talk with many customers both of Fasthosts and Ionos, get feedback on the new fasthosts wordpress product and some ideas on enhanced features that we can look at adding to the backlog for fresh development.

I also enjoyed the chance to meet some local organisations and charities that I hope to work with in the future!



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