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Bt Infinity, BT Wholesale & BT Openreach

I knew when I went with BT not to expect to much in the level of customer service, but I did not expect the sheer level of rank incompetence that I have experienced over the past month. This is complete and utter RANT, while I will try and keep it civil I promise nothing. First …

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Windows 7. I’m not very happy with you

Thats most of an afternoons work gone down the swanny! Then I let you check for a solution and you don’t even bother to tell me if you found anything.

WordPress Upgraded

Well it has only taken a couple of days, what with fatal errors and old trusted plugins now no longer working , but I have finally done it, and I only lost around 30% of my old posts thanks to my old wf VPS timing out (time to move to slightly better hosting I think). …

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patience a virtue?

Well with having resigned from my job I am going to have a bit of time on my hands so I decided to buy my self a new lens for my camera.  At the moment for most of my nature photography I tend to use a old Sigma 100 – 500 mm lens, however it has a rather …

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Good & Bad Customer Service

I dont normally rant about this kinda thing, but this has pissed me off.  I ordered my new camera today to get it for Saturday.  A nice weekend planned out and about getting used to the new kit.  So any way I ordered today before lunch time on Firday, paid the extra for Weekend delivery. …

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Petrol Prices

Ok normally I just go to the petrol station and fill, up not normally looking at the price, afterall if I want to be able to get to work I need to fill my car. When did it get so high!  Filling up this morning I paid £1.089 per litre.  Thats £5.93 a gallon (for …

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Traffic 2

For some reason the M40 has a big hole in it norhtbound so I am not able to use my new normal route (cut up through Uxbridge and power up the M40),  instead I have to use the M4, then cut up though Maidenhead.  Not a problem you may think, but everyone else is doing …

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Printing without printing

I am sure you have all experienced this, but I need to vent my frustration!  You know what it is like you need to print a document urgently and the only printer in the office you can get to work someone has just sent a massive print run to it, so you end up waiting …

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What happens after a few days of warmth

As some of you will know I live by a river, now while this a lovely in the summer, sitting down there with my WiFi at it’s absolute maximum range, toes dangling in the water there are some draw backs. After just 2 days of warmth the flies and midges have hatched and become an …

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Pipex Broadband

I have been with Pipex Broadband for over 2 years now, up until now I have been relativley happy.  For an ISP they tend to be relativley reliable, giving reasnoble connection speeds, however there is a problem!  If you have any technical problems they suck! Firstly they have changed their support number, fine you may …

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