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Who says convertibles have no load capacity?

In case your wondering that actually 16 (yes not a mis-type 16) dedicated Servers loaded in to one small soft top, not much space for driving and it was on a day when the south saw almost a months rain in just a few hours.

Header images & Fixed width shops

if you look at some of the most popular websites say the BBC or JohnLewis they have a fixed size to them. This is in part due to the massive number of screen resolutions that are now common on the net and means that in general no matter what screen or browser your shop is …

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HFW’s Top BBQ tips

Golden rule #1: Don’t cook over flame; cook over embers. Resist the impulse to start cooking while your fire is still producing flames. Wait until you have a nice pile of glowing coals. Golden rule #2: This relates to meat’s fat problem – basically, remove the fat and you remove the problem. I’m a big …

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The Write Way!

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Something New

The summer is a good time to work on new products, in the  past couple of weeks I have been focusing mainly on the dedicated tins for our customers, there will be new servers being released on Namesco, Poundhost and SimplyServers.  While I can not say too much about them just yet it our customer …

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Would you trust Google with your wallet?

Consumers don’t trust Google Wallet for mobile payments, according to a survey. But they may not trust anyone else, either. Google has thrown in with near field communication (NFC) mobile payments in a big way, as evidenced by itsAndroid manufacturer partnerships and the test run of the Google Wallet app. But while Google may be buying …

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4 Ways To Lock-Down Your Product’s Pricing

I found this on “” one of my favourite blogs. You would think that simply by setting the price of your product and then telling the world about it would wrap up that part of being a Product Manager, right? Well guess what, in this era of the Internet everything having to do with product pricing has become more …

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Why Are Some QR Codes More Scanworthy Than Others?

Those quick-response (QR) codes you see spreading far and wide give smartphone users a painless way to go to a company’s website, get discounts or gather contact information. But some QR codes are scanned more than others. Why? Is it because those winning QR codes are so creatively designed? Researchers at Lab42 wanted to know …

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Burn all Powerpoint Presentations

Doctor's Orders – Burn Your PowerPoints View more presentations from Nathan Cashion

Looks like were in for a Hurrican

Just decided to check the weather for the rest of the week and (normally the best weather site for the UK) is showing the above.