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Smokey is at it again!

  Unloading my car after the weekend shop and someone decides they like my cool bag, nice and comfy and great to dig those claws into.  Ended up giving him some attention for around 10 minutes before he decided he would prefer to me on my lap.  Eventually finished unloading the car in around half …

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Your Internet is Full

A great little cartoon strip from Scott Adams

Police nick Weymouth “Sea-Rex”

1100 photos viewed in one day

Looks like my photos from the Falconry Festival have proved popular. My Photostream

The heat wave has broken?

Well after yet another long hot sticky night I thought that the heat wave here in the UK had finally finished, but nooo, here we are at7:19 in the morning, I am late late after having real problems getting up and it is already 19.5 degrees.

What to start your own Web Hosting business?

Here is where you start. Start your own business for less than £1 a day Reseller hosting explained A reseller hosting package from Webfusion lets you run your own web hosting service. It’s the fast way to start your own hosting business. You can create Windows and Linux hosting packages with the exact specification you …

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I just joined Technorati

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Protect yourself from password hacking

Passwords and codes are a part of everyday life now. There is no escaping it. However, is are you choosing ones which are strong enough to defeat the new bread of password hacking cyber criminals? Read more on the Inside blog