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Types of Webhosting Compared

Porn – Infographic

Pornography and the internet go together like cheese and pickle, many innovations that we not take for granted on the net were developed by the Porn industry and even today it is helping to drive forward the use of new technology and software in it’s one unique way.  The info-graphic below show a very high …

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Hosting Mergers & Acquisitions 2012

Web Host SupraNet Acquires Fiber Optic Network Mad City Broadband December 31, 2012 — Web hosting provider SupraNet Communications announced last week it completed the acquisition of Mad City Broadband. The press release did not disclose the financial terms of the acquisition. Sidera Networks, Lightower Fiber Networks in $2 Billion Merger Deal December 27, 2012 …

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Getting your Online Shop ready for Christmas : Part 3

In this part we look at some of the basics that are all too easy to overlook, such as over stocking on popular line, ease of contact and last minute offers. Over Stocking There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than to get to the point of ordering and find that the product they …

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Getting your Online Shop ready for Christmas : Part 2

In part 1 we covered some of areas where you can enhance your store and make sure that it is as accessible as possible to all people whether at home or out in the shops window shopping for Christmas.  In this section I will touch on a couple more topics focusing on increasing the basket …

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Getting your Online Shop ready for Christmas : Part 1

This year has been rotten for business in general what with the disappointing summer, the 2012 Games and the general economy a lot of businesses are finding that their takings are down, Christmas is a great time for them to make up on those lost sales, in this short series of blog articles I will …

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eCommerce success story

Within three weeks of setting up their eCommerce solution from, was receiving over 100 orders a day. Watch the video below and see how the online store owner, Paris Nolan, used Namesco Ecommerce to power his online shop.  If it leaves you inspired, take advantage of our current offer with up to 40% …

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Restricting Delivery methods to some products

For some products you will want to restrict the delivery methods that are use, for example the Royal Mail will not take parcels that weigh over 20kg. Within the Ecommerce package from Namesco there is the ability to set specific products to only be available with certain Delivery Methods. Setting a product to only be …

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How to configure your shop to set Delivery costs based on basket weight

The ecommerce package from Namesco has some very powerful functions that allow the owner to customise their shops and how they operate, one of the most commonly requested was the ability to vary the delivery fees depending on the product weight. This short article will take you through how to configure this functionality. NB : …

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