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Ahh the dreaded personal profile or “About Me” section, this is normally the part the most people will never read so in theory I could write almost anything here and get away with it, such as the me being Time Person of the Year in 2006 (no really check it out that one is real) or the Nobel Prize nominations.  Any hoo, on to the real stuff.

Work Life

Well like many, I work in the IT industry, specifically the Hosting Internet industry.  Ok so the question I normally get asked about that is “Whats Hosting” well simply put we have lots of computers connected to the Internet and we rent space and resources on them to people so they can have websites, we also sell domains and Dedicated Servers (one computer to 1 person/company), and many more services that make the net work.  The job I do is Product Management, in a nut shell Product Managers are the people that define what a product/service should do and then work out the pricing and marketing for it, also we come up with new ideas for product and take them from the gem of an idea to something that can help make someone’s life better (ok so normally just make it easier in a small way or save them money).


Outside Work

Well since I am told that you need a good work/life balance I have to put in a little about this side.  What to say, I enjoy reading especially Terry Pratchett’s disk-world books books, generally I am a sucker for most science fiction and enjoy a little online gaming with StarTrek Online (did WoW and got bored).  Also I enjoy photography, especially nature, wandering round the countryside really gives you a chance to clear you mind of the unwanted clutter.

Well those are the things I enjoy, however I bought a house just over a year ago knowing that it needed doing up, however I did not expect it to turn in to the “Money Pit”.



I am a reformed Geek, however I still enjoy reading about new technology and trying to keep up to speed with all the new developments, also I love making old computers work again.  Apart from that Sci Fi and Fantasy reading I enjoy cooking and like most other people although they don’t always admit it watching the TV, mainly documentaries and films.


David Ainscough

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