Getting Lower

So having some time on my hands I decided to spend a little bit of quality time down in West Dorset, and while the weather at this time year is generally pretty dull.  I managed to get 1 morning when it was that glorious bright contrasty if bitterly cold, so took the drone out for a little bit of a fly, below is some of what I managed to get.

Jan 6th Quiet if soggy time at Slimbridge

Closer to the cathedral Raw

Getting better at the Night Shots



Some evening shots 24th August

That new DC smell


The shell of the building is up now for the really hard and time consuming part of building it out inside.

Post Sunset Flight


Worcester at Sunset

Worcester at Sunset

First drone flight




Worcester from above

Worcester from above just before sunset

MVP: Quickly Validate your Start-Up

Making sense of MVP

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