Restricting Delivery methods to some products

For some products you will want to restrict the delivery methods that are use, for example the Royal Mail will not take parcels that weigh over 20kg. Within the Ecommerce package from Namesco there is the ability to set specific products to only be available with certain Delivery Methods.

Setting a product to only be able to be delivered by a specific method can be done when the product is being created or later on if the shop owner decides they want to restrict delivery to one or more methods.

In this example I will be using an existing product and restricting it to one specific delivery method.
Log into your shop and go to the products section, this can be done by clicking on the Products from the Overview dashboard or by moving your mouse over “Products” in the main task bar then clicking on “Products”

Click on the Product that you want to edit, this will open up all the settings and options for that product.

Open out the “Delivery details” option, this can be done by clicking on it. Some people may already have this open, in which case you just need to scroll down to see the options

By default you will see that the products can be delivered using the “Allow all delivery methods” option.

If you change this setting to “Restrict selection of delivery methods” you can pick one or more of your existing Delivery methods that this package can be delivered with.

Note : If you do this any other products that are placed in the basket at the same time will also be restricted to that delivery method even if they have other options for delivery. If your customer tries to add another product that is set up with a different specific delivery method the shop will not allow them to add it to the same order.

As you can see now when the customer gets the basket they no longer have the option to change the delivery method.

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