eCommerce success story

Within three weeks of setting up their eCommerce solution from, was receiving over 100 orders a day. Watch the video below and see how the online store owner, Paris Nolan, used Namesco Ecommerce to power his online shop.  If it leaves you inspired, take advantage of our current offer with up to 40% off our Ecommerce range.

Barely a week goes by without some reference in the media about the importance of ‘online’ to the overall health of the UK economy.  According to Retail Research, online sales were over £50 billion in 2011, accounting for nearly 1 in 8 retail purchases.  This is set to grow by 14% this year and, at Namesco, every day we help new UK businesses to get online. is one site that has understood the benefits and power of ecommerce, especially for retailers.


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