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Cinnamon Apple Cake

This is a great recipe for an easy to bake cake that is sure to impress, prefect for coffee mornings, school fete’s and other events.  The classic mix of Apples and Cinnamon combined with some Walnuts and juicy sultana’s make for a great flavour combination as well as a light crumbly cake. Ingredients 225g (8oz) …

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Easy home made Christmas cake

If your thinking that you have left it too late to make a Christmas Cake for this years festivities I have some good news for you!  You have not and here is my dead easy, almost fool proof recipe and method how to make one, at a push you could leave this until just a …

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Banana Bread

  Do you ever find that you have Banana’s that have gone just a little too far and no longer look that appealing?  I’m sure you have, with the massive bunches that you get form super markets now it is almost inevitable, or with those Oh so appealing BOGOF offers well you do not need to …

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