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Post Sunset Flight

Worcester at Sunset


First drone flight


      Worcester from above just before sunset 

Smokey is at it again!

  Unloading my car after the weekend shop and someone decides they like my cool bag, nice and comfy and great to dig those claws into.  Ended up giving him some attention for around 10 minutes before he decided he would prefer to me on my lap.  Eventually finished unloading the car in around half …

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Bank Holiday Fireworks

Swifts 2016

Well looks like it has been another successful year for my annual Swift visitors, while they have not fledged yet they all look healthy and happy.  Here are a few photos to show their progression from ugly chicks to almost ready to leave the nest. Yet again I have had some chick that prefer to …

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River Levels in Worcester

With the current flooding in the UK I thought it would be good to show the official river level gauges from the met office River Severn at Worcester (Barbourne) http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/riverlevels/120744.aspx?stationId=2092                                                   …

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