Webfusion Summer Bash

Well folks, after a weekend of churning through the 1700 odd photos that I took, I have got it down to 461 nice photos. I would have uploaded them yesterday, but thanks to Pipex Broadband, no Tiscalli, who ever they are now I had sweet fa upload capacity so they are being uploaded this morning.
Most of the embarrassing ones have been removed and will be used for black mail purposes in the near future.
I will update this post with the most popular ones once I know what they are.  For now you will have to chug though them on my flickr site.


Well it is 08:30, my files have been uplaoding for over and hour and still only 38% uploaded.

9:30 ish update, still only 81% uploaded

Here they are, the photos from the summer party

Watch as Slide show

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