Autum is here at last!

At the moment I am living a strange half life that involves me living in Slough (Voted the least tranquil place to live) during the week and then Dorset (Tranquility it’s self) for the weekend. The reason for this I am sure I will bore you with at great length some time in the near future.

I went outside for a smoke with Mick (some one I work with) this morning and the Sunlight was so bright it was amazing, however we were both wearing dark coats, so we started to heat up fast. Then I had the bright idea to take my coat off. BIG Mistake, within seconds I was freezing as the icy wind decided to blow.

So the moral here is it may look warm, but that wind chill get to you.

My First Post

Hi there this is my first blog post!  Weird, I have had a popular website for 5 years now and never bothered to do anything like this before.  I sure you will find the odd interesting entry here, but they may be few and far between.(just kidding).

This will be a forum for me to get my thought’s no matter how obscure or strange out on to the internet and not just rattling  around in my overcrowded head.

Who can say this may track my decent into madness or just be a run of the mill Weblog that no one else will ever read.

So as the ping of destiny times out at the server of despair  I shall get back to work.

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