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Your real net bandwidth usage

Every hosting company now seems to offer massive bandwidth allowances or even unlimited (well unlimited until you read they terms and conditions) but did you know for just normal surfing you don’t really need that much.  I ran a couple of little tests and the results are quite interesting Listening to the BBC iPlayer for 30 minutes …

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Spring Cleaning

Well I am moving jobs very soon so I have decided to look through my archives and see if there is anything interesting that I want to keep. As some of you may have deduced I work for Webfusion, aka 123-reg, donhost & supanames. Although you probably wont have herd of them it is probable …

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Internet Dependance Syndrome!

Do you have IDS?  This is not a really condition, well I don’t think it is, but if was not until after my ISP decided to break with no notice I found out how much I have become dependant on the Internet, especially at home. I was only without the net for something like 40 …

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Back online @ last

So much for 8mbit connection

Pipex Broadband

I have been with Pipex Broadband for over 2 years now, up until now I have been relativley happy.  For an ISP they tend to be relativley reliable, giving reasnoble connection speeds, however there is a problem!  If you have any technical problems they suck! Firstly they have changed their support number, fine you may …

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