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Restricting Delivery methods to some products

For some products you will want to restrict the delivery methods that are use, for example the Royal Mail will not take parcels that weigh over 20kg. Within the Ecommerce package from Namesco there is the ability to set specific products to only be available with certain Delivery Methods. Setting a product to only be …

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How to configure your shop to set Delivery costs based on basket weight

The ecommerce package from Namesco has some very powerful functions that allow the owner to customise their shops and how they operate, one of the most commonly requested was the ability to vary the delivery fees depending on the product weight. This short article will take you through how to configure this functionality. NB : …

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Resetting your Invoice, Order & Customer Numbers

This can be done quite easily, if you log into your shop back end from the Namesco control panel then do the following. .   1. Click on the Settings Tab at the top of your screen 2. Click on the General Settings option in the menu. 3. Click on the Number formats tap in General …

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